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Travel Tips

Each year hundred thousand travelers are visited Everest region for the Everest trekking, peak climbing, high expedition or volunteering in Sherpa land. They all asking questions in travel forum that how to prepare for Everest trekking, Everest peak climbing or Everest Expedition? As an Everest specialist or operator we try to include most of basic top 10 Everest travel tips as below.

1. Check your fitness before planning your trip.

If you think to go on an adventure holiday in Everest Himalayas, as per your interest find your fitness level before planning your trip. Trip around Everest region is symbol of adventure in high altitudes and be sure you are able to complete this trip.

2. Check your passport and validity date

When you are making a decision to go to Everest Himalayas, check your passport which must require minimum 6 months validity before your travel date. If necessary apply for issue the new passport. Nepalese visa can obtain on arrival section in Kathmandu or you can issue in advance from Nepalese embassy/consulate in your country.

3. Sketch your budget, no. of days and travel date

For Everest trips (Trekking, climbing) plan your budget how much you are willing to spend in total. In addition the Intl. flight try to sort out paying for total package cost, extra cost occur during the trip, tips for crews, meals in city etc. Also, select the number of days within your time frame and fix which date is suit to travel.

4. Check reliable agency and suitable trip you desire

When you sort out your trip budget, days and date find the reliable agency that operate in the Everest region. If you choose local agency from Kathmandu check if they are legal operator. Many illegal operators also keep the logo of travel association but they are not listed in member list. Verify the TAAN, NMA & NTB, website and see the member list that they are included or not?

5. Find the both way flight ticket to Kathmandu

When you decided your reliable agency check the flight availability to Kathmandu before you make a trip booking. Mostly, autumn and spring peak season in Nepal is hard to get a flight ticket to Kathmandu.

6. Book the trip with your knowing or trusted agency

If you are able to book a flight then ask your agency to book your trip in your time or ask for customize date. Response your agency properly then make a appropriate deposit and send your document required by agency and they will make a invoice to you.

7. Check and arrange the required equipment

When you have booked your trip, check appropriate equipment in time before you leaving country. If you are confused what equipment should you need to bring, ask your agency that they will give you list of equipment for your trip in Everest.

8. Try to be fit and do training if required

After your decision making if you need more stamina or strength do some training before you leave. The training should be necessary as per your fitness level. Go your trip with physical fit and mentally refresh. Courage is half success of the trip.

9. Fly to Nepal and experience your trip

In your flight date take a flight to land of Himalayas and your agency will arrange necessary transfer, hotels, guide etc. Experience the Everest Himalayas and take good memories of the trip from Nepal.

10. Write a travel reviews after the trip

When you return back to home you do not forget to give a travel review of your trip to your agency that how you feel on the trip, comment about management, crews, services etc. Also, write a travel reviews in intl. travel forums that upcoming travelers can get useful information from past experienced travelers.
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