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Nepal Trekking
1. How did you first find out about Himalayan Planet?
Ans: I found out by walking around in Kathmandu, comparing multiple travel agencies and we just entered every agency. I think we recognized you from the outside sign?

2. How would you rate the following: (1 very poor, 5 excellent?)

  • Information before the trip - 5
  • Booking procedures - 4
  • Hospitality - 5
  • Accommodation during the trek - 4
  • Services during the trek - 4
  • Guide services during the trek - 4

3. Any suggestions or comments you would like to share?
Ans: Maybe a little bit more background information on the plants and environment.

4. Would you recommend Himalayan Planet to your friends?
Ans: Yes and we did!

I couldn't find you on Tripadvisor, on lonely planet I couldn't find the review section, but I did write a review at Adventure Travel.

About facebook; I would suggest a liking page. I think people are more willing to like a page then become friends with an organization. It keeps your privacy (the customer, for instance me) but you (with a liking page) can advertise on my homepage.

Good luck with the high season!

With kind regards,

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