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About Us

Team of Himalayan Planet Adventures built up in 2008 and Government licensing. Two professionals after a decade working in Himalayas as a mountain guide plus tour specialist. Mr. Thapa, MD and founder of HPA group who involve in trekking agency since 1998 as a trekking guide, mountain leader, adventure consultant in various reputed trekking agency in Kathmandu. Also, get a chance to lead the BBC Planet Earth expedition team in Everest Himalayas in 2005. As well as our founder and director Rishi Paneru who worked in trekking guide then become a city tour specialist in Nepal Himalayas. The combination of mountain leader plus tour specialist formed an adventure agency in Kathmandu as a Himalayan Planet Adventures.

Fundamentally, the company has indoor and outdoor team. We have divided in two parts as official team and outdoor team. Official team is a managerial team who handle the customer in Kathmandu, corresponding with clients, booked hotel, guides, flight, transport etc. Outdoor team handles in the trekking and expedition part as a logistic of their client while they are in Mountain. Usually, guide will take you safely to the destination, managing teahouse/tent, fresh food, required porters and scheduling itinerary etc. Our official and outdoor both teams are equally responsible on duty and client satisfaction is backbone of our company reputation.

Himalayan Planet Adventures Team:

Mr. Paneru Rishi Ram Chairman Mr. Paneru Rishi Ram He is founder & Operation director of the Himalayan Planet Adventures P. Ltd specialized in touring section in the Himalayas. After the graduation in tourism & sociology the carrier started as a trekking guide from 1998 and then after tourist guide in city areas afterwards. I started own my adventure company Himalayan Planet Adventures serve our valuable travelers with in the Himalayan region. The main aim to start Himalayan Planet is welcoming World travelers and introducing Himalayan region and its peoples, vibrant culture, landscapes, mountain activities and many outdoor adventures.
Mr. Thapa Nabaraj MD & Adventure Consultant Mr. Thapa Nabaraj Founder of Himalayan Planet Adventures has been started his carrier since 1998. He worked in various trekking agency as a mountain guide, operation manager, team leader. After a long experience leading trips in Nepal and Tibet mountains he able to run his own venture in Himalayas and trying to establish brand name in International adventure. He is very reliable and responsible person and came enter in tourism with a vision that “Youth are leader of future tourism.”
Mr. Bhatta Hari Prasad Guest Relation Officer Mr. Bhatta Hari Prasad He is professional in tourism since 2005 and worked as a trekking guide in Nepal Himalayas. The company has upgraded him as a guest relation officer and he handle the entire necessary pick up drop, probably you will meet him on your arrival in airport. He also worked entire official paper work and sometime used to go trekking with customers as he loves trekking.
Mr. Shrestha Hem IT Consultant Mr. Shrestha Hem Mr. Shrestha has joined HPA group since 2009 and he manage our both travel website and designed as require in each place. We are happy to taking him as part of HPA group and he is handling all technical part like designing, encoding, maintain errors and managing regular news update etc. He works us as a part time and he has own his web design company called Wild Stone.
Mr. Dhungana Laxman Accountant Mr. Dhungana Laxman Mr. Dhungana is working in Himalayan Planet as a Chief accountant. He has joined us as a trainee accountant from March 2010 and we upgraded him as a chief account from 1st April 2014. When he has finished his Master Degree in Management (Accounting) in 2010 then become a full time worker in our company. The company promoted him after his great performance and now he is at this level. He handles all the related accounting part in our agency accurately and in time.
Mrs. Sunuwar Nisha Ofice Helper Mrs. Sunuwar Nisha She is working with us since beginning as a junior staff and she has duty to clean office, making tea/coffee and other necessary work as required in our office. She is hard working, honest and able to finish her task in time and she has been really happy to work with us.
Mr. Sherpa Ang Chhiring Climbing Guide Mr. Sherpa Ang Chhiring Mr. Sherpa, (40 years old from Everest region) is working with us as our climbing guide since we established. He is from Thamo village 2 hours western part from Namche. No education gained but he took all climbing guide training including English language course for 6 months. He is super hero for mountain region that he climbed 4 times Mount Everest, 2 times Mt. Cho Oyu, one time Mt. Baruntse, one time Mt. Ama Dablam and many times mountain peak including Island, Mera, and Lobuche & Kyajo Ri in Nepal Himalayas. Had a great experience leading our client in high mountains and he is able to guide you from theoretical, practical and technical way. You will be lucky to have him as your great climbing guide for Nepal Himalayas.
Mr. Thapa Manoj Tour Guide Mr. Thapa Manoj Monoj is joining Himalayan Planet Adventures at the beginning of Sept 2014 as our tour guide. After his master degree in business management and working few years in NGO, he has interest to join in tourism sector that he took tour guide training and after completing the training he joined us as our tour guide in Nepal part. He also has interest trekking in Himalayas and exploring new destination. He keep interest going to new destination every time that he has already been to Annapurna and Everest region few times leading a group. He is smart, responsive, knowledgeable about culture, history, mountains and fluent English speaking guide that we proud to keep him as our tour guide with us.
Mr. Thapa Madan Trekking Guide + Climber Mr. Thapa Madan Mr. Thapa (26 years old from Gorkha, Manaslu region) is working with us from beginning. He works with other company before joining us and when we establish the company, he comes to our agency as a trekking guide and we are glad to engage him as our guide. He has more than 8 years experience in trekking. He has gained 6,160 meters height up to his guiding career at the top of Island peak. He has good English speaking, deep knowledge of mountain region, had experience leading group travel, first aid trainer and physically fit walking over high mountains. He has a dream to become an international guide in coming days. He is one of the best guide in our agency and more responsible towards his duty on trek.
Mr. Limbu Bikash Trekking Guide Mr. Limbu Bikash Mr. Limbu (44 years old from ILAM, eastern part of Nepal) is working with us since beginning as our trekking guide. Stayed over 10 years in Singapore he returns back to Nepal for doing some job in tourism. He started his guiding career around 36 and joining us after guide training from NATHM. He is fluent English speaking, well knowledgeable, responsible in his duty and able to read his client quick that everyone loves taking him as their guide. He is superb guide for our company and backbone of Himalayan Planet Adventures and we are proud to keep him as our guide.
Mr. Koirala Ganesh Trekking Guide Mr. Koirala Ganesh Mr. Koirala (28 years old from Sindhupalchowk) is working with us since September 2011. He started his career since early when he was around 18 years. It has been more than 10 years working in Himalayas as helper, asst. guide and finally as trekking guide with us. He has been almost trekking region of Nepal Himalayas and able to guide in every part of Himalayas. He has good English speaking and able to easy communicate with client. He also has strong leadership capacity that what we need for trekking. He is physically fit going any high passes and hard working and responsible guide.
Mr. Karki Lila Bahadur Trekking Guide + Chef Mr. Karki Lila Bahadur Mr. Karki (44 years old from Jiri) is working with us since beginning as camping chef. He born in beautiful mountain village called Jiri (Where Edmond Hillary started his expedition from Jiri to summit of Mount Everest) and even know as beginning point of classical Everest trek. When the tourist start to go Everest trek he has eager to join this field and started his career from Sherpa. After getting experience in kitchen helper he promoted trekking chef since long time and when he joined us then we gave him guide training then he promoted as trekking guide. Lila has moderate English speaking but it would be extra benefit to get Lila as your guide. He can cook himself to make you delicious food and able to check for well cooked or not in each teahouse. He is working professionally with us since 2008.
Mr. Bagale Hom Prasad Trekking Guide Mr. Bagale Hom Prasad Mr. Bagale (43 years old from Gorkha village) is working with us since beginning as our assistance guide and after completing his trekking guide training in 2011, he promoted as trekking guide for Himalayan Planet Adventures. After completing his high school he was joining other trekking agency before established Himalayan Planet in 2008. When we started business then he came to us join our team to work in Himalayas with us. Mr. Bagale has many years trekking experience in Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Upper Mustang, Manaslu region that you can have him as your trekking guide. He is honest, friendly and well experience guide for mountain region of Nepal Himalayas.
Mr. Darnal Bal Bahadur Trekking Guide Mr. Darnal Bal Bahadur Mr. Darnal(23 years old from lower Solukhumbu region) is working with us since 2013. He born in very remote part of eastern Nepal and actually he started his career from trekking porter in Lukla. We found him as our porter in 2008 in Lukla with our group and continuing joining our team as porter. After few years we bring him to Kathmandu and gave guide and English language course then he starter his guiding from 2013. He is very smart young guide but had good experience in Everest Himalayas and now started in Annapurna part too. He is friendly, honest, responsible in his duty and lovely guide from Himalayan Planet Adventure can take him for Everest experience.
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